Features & Benefits

Key Features

Listed below are the key features available to you when using our products, regardless of how much you spend a month.

Machine learning*

By continuously monitoring conversations our chatbots constantly improve, responding with higher levels accuracy and relevance.

Smart routing*

By understanding customer queries our chatbot is able to direct them to the correct answer quickly and effectively.

User management

Our system gives you the ability to control user access as you wish, add as many users as you want at no additional cost.

Automated reports

Keep track of performance with automated reports, select the data that you would like to receive and our system will send it straight to your email inbox.

Admin console

Our admin console puts you in full control of your bot(s): performance monitoring, report downloads and more all in real-time!

Easy buttons

We use easy buttons for fast customers responses and to help direct customers to their answers with precision.

Multi-platform integrations

Our products work on any platform e.g.: Wordpress, Facebook, Slack, Twitter, Whatsapp etc. You name it and it’ll work.

Virtual agent*

Don’t have a call centre or staff? No worries, our chatbots can work independently answering queries 24/7 without any human support.

PAYG Billing

With pay as you go billing you only pay for the chats that you use each month, allowing you to manage your budget effectively.

Bot to Agent*

You customers have the flexibility to chat with a human agent at any time or when recommend by the chatbot.

FAQ Management

We provide unlimited FAQ uploads allowing you to manage the type of customer queries your chatbot responds to.


Whether you need real-time analytics or historical analytics it is all accessible through our easy to use admin console.

*Not applicable to our live chat gateway product

Ataiva works everywhere

Easy to install, works on any platform


Our products are suited to many industries and can provide a wide range of business benefits.

Rapid deployment

Ataiva chatbots can be trained, tested and launched to your chosen platform in minutes, enabling your business to meet customer demand.

Increased productivity

Our intelligent chatbots use machine learning to rapidly answer frequently asked questions, giving you and your staff more time to focus on complex enquiries.

Universal integration

Designed with flexibility in mind our products allow you to get up and running quickly on any platform you desire, even if it's another chat vendor.

Reduced staff costs

Using our AI technology provides a reliable cost-saving alternative to recruitment and staff training, saving your business time and money.

Instant Support

Provide immediate assistance to your customers 24hrs a day and if you don’t have call centre staff our bots can work independently

Complete control

Ataiva puts you in complete control of your product, you decide where you want it, what data you need and how it should work.