Everybody always raves how great Microsoft SQL Server is, and how much data it can hold, and how much bigger it’s “package” is than your own.

But the truth is that I hate it with a passion!

I use RDBMS‘ on a daily basis and never used to hate MSSQL so much until recently when I had to modify a very large site that was built in Classic ASP(yuck) and MSSQL.

The way the whole thing was setup made life a real nightmare to deal with and everytime I wanted to do the simplest thing, I would be hit with thousands of problems, from linked tables that I would have to affect my changes “manually” in multiple places to stored procedures that just wouldn’t execute because everything was done so manually.

This is merely a rant from me as doing the whole thing from scratch using MySQL would have been faster and also much easier for anyone to maintain thereafter. This problem was definitely hightened due to the coding language in the site itself being VB which is just nasty!

I always seem to have these rediculous issues when I delve into the Microsoft Programmers world – bear in mind that I used to do a LOT of Microsoft coding of my own a few years back, and decided to move away from it for many many good reasons just like experiences of this kind.