Where Is Technology Heading, Perhaps We Should Focus More on Software?

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I often wonder to myself where the technology industry is heading as I see new things come out almost daily.

You look around and something you just bought is all of a sudden outdated. This can be quite irritating for the techno-geeks out there that always want the latest release of every gadget, as it makes it somewhat impossible to keep up with what’s in stores.

The really nice thing about software over hardware is that one can just perform a localised update instead of having to purchase new hardware everytime something changes or is improved. This all lead me to believe that perhaps things would be better if we could somehow come up with a device that is so well thought out with such good hardware that one could just perform regular software updates every once in a while and you would essentially have the “latest gadget around”.

For all your hardware buffs out there, perhaps this is something interesting to start brainstorming, think outside the box, instead of keeping your thoughts all muddled up along with everybody elses train of ideas..