Turbo C++ in DosBox for Windows 64bit

I had to compile a C++ application under a DOS environment and was running Windows 7 64bit.

Firstly, Turbo C++ is a 32 bit x86 application and therefore will not run when initialised from an x64 environment.

This can easily be solved by installing the DOS Emulator called DosBox. One can then mount the Turbo C++ folder as a drive and install it under a subdirectory.

e.g. mount c c:\PathToMyTurboCppDirectory\

Once in there it’s quite easy to open and compile the source code, but good luck to anyone that tries to write anything from scratch, it’s really painful and half the keys are not mapped in the DosBox, eventhough you can press Ctrl+F1 to open the Keymapper.

I will never try that one again.

Next time I will just load it all onto an old machine that is still running an x86 32 bit operating system.