Track Your Alexa Rank History

The Alexa Rank is a way of determining a website’s popularity. ? are in the game of Internet popularity ranking and for quite a long time now have been doing a very good job of it.

They have a system where the most visited website on the planet is rated as #1 and the second is #2 and so on.

If your site is within the top 100,000 alexa rank it is watched more closely and general usage statistics are calculated about it.

The Alexa Ranking therefore comes in rather handy when it comes to tracking your website’s overall performance over time, ?whether that be against competitors or as a whole.

If your site is added to Statvoo, this data is collected daily to build up a ranking history over time. It is particularly useful for sites that aren’t within the Alexa 100,000 watch list range, but can be as useful to sites that have campaigns running against them in one way it another.

Add your site today to start automatically collecting data. Did we mention it’s free?