Life has enough complications, that's why at Ataiva we've made our pricing simple with one price plan for all our products:

Pay as you go

One plan for every product and everyone

200 FREE Conversations

25p per chat thereafter

Plan includes:

200 free chat conversations*
No credit card required to start
Unlimited chatbots**
Monthly billing cycle
Unlimited users
Full analytics

Read below for further details on our pricing.

How does Ataiva's pricing work?

When you register an account will be created and credited with 200 free chat conversations (worth £50) for you can use to test your chatbot over any given period.

After using your free conversations, to continue using your chatbot or add additional chatbots you will be required to register a credit/debit card and 25p with be charged for each conversation your chatbot(s) hold with a customer, this charge will be debited from your card on a monthly basis.

You have the ability to cancel your account registration any point in time, however, any outstanding charges for conversations will be deducted from your card before your account registration is fully cancelled.

What is a chat conversation?

A chat conversation is any conversation with one of your agents or a chatbot to a customer from the moment the conversation starts to the moment the conversation ends.

The cost of the conversation is the same (25p) regardless if it lasts 1 minute or 5 minutes.

How many chatbots can I create?

You can create as many chatbots in your account as you wish.

If you run multiple websites you can have individual chatbots created for each of them or multiple chatbots on one website provided that they are deployed on separate domains e.g. and

What features come with your products?

As everyone pays the same price, everyone benefits from enjoying all of our product features, these include: Virtual agent mode, Email Reports, Block IP, Email support, Open API integration, Analytics reports and much more. Read more about our key features here.

How many users can I add to my account?

As an administrator, by using your admin console you can add as many users as you wish. You also have the ability to assign them rights, privileges or remove all access.

Will I be charged at the end of my trial?

Your trial period of 200 conversations is completely free and you are not required to add a debit/credit card during this period. You will only be charged after you add a payment method and decide to use our chatbot beyond the 200 conversation trial period.

Do these prices include tax?

Yes, our prices include UK VAT charged at the rate published by the bank of England.

What is a "campaign"?

A campaign outlines where your chatbot is deployed, each chatbot can work on multiple web pages provided that they are all the same web domain e.g.: you can have 1 chatbot working on all of the following pages:


However, the same chatbot cannot be added to a separate domain such as or as this is a separate domain an additional chatbot will be required to be created.

How do I register?

For the moment we are only accepting registrations via email. Please contact us and we will set up an account for you.

*200 free chats credited to each new account created.
**Not applicable to our live chat gateway product