Viva la 09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0!

You may see this around and not have a clue what the heck it is, weirdly enough, I did.. Why “weirdly” you ask, well, because, who would be looking for something like “09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0”. Let me elaborate.. The Urban Dictionary says it like this: “An alphanumeric string denoting a hack and insecurites in the HD-DVD coding.”

Ternary Operation

If you do not know what the Ternary operator is, or do not use it while you are coding, let me be the first to tell you how much you are missing out! The Ternary operator looks like this: “?“, that’s right, it’s a question mark! My favourite way of using it is to shorten Conditional If Statements, so let me show you what I’m on about. The long way:

Oops the system encountered a problem (#104)

If you get the following error while using Google’s Gmail Service ( Oops? the system encountered a problem (#104) ..then you should try deleting your browser’s cache and everything will be resolved. This appears to be a local problem and not on the Google servers as data is pushed via cookies to the local machine using the web service. In order to delete your browser’s cache in Firefox click Tools->Clear Recent History then select “Everything” in the dropdown menu and then deselect everything except for “Cache” in the below list box.

How to Write Unmaintainable Code

I have come across the following article before and again came across it today, after a revised browse through, I thought I may as well add another link to it on the web for whoever ends up clicking on it! It really is a worthwhile (in a humor sort of way) read:

Captcha Fail!

Hey, thought I’d just post this one incase anybody else sees it and thinks it’s funny. This is not really a very helpful post like most of the others on this site, but HEY! TOUGH! So feel free to smile if you like.. What do you know, a snippet of helpful-ness is about to appear-> This issue is usually caused by an invalid referrer! HA!

Test IE versions on any machine!

Do you do web development and are unable to test your software in old shitty versions of Internet Explorer? If so then you may want to read on a little bit. Microsoft has got a whole bunch of virtual images you can download for FREE(not a usual Microsoft word) over here: They contain an operating system and an install of your favourite IE version! Hooray! They have IE6 on XP SP3, IE7 on Vista, IE8 on XP and Vista.

Error 500 php_value .htaccess

I noticed on some server setups I could not do the following inside a .htacess file: <br> php_value upload_max_filesize 250M<br> php_value post_max_size 250M<br> I was getting an error 500 Internal Server Error with the above code in the .htaccess file. What to do to correct this is create a file called php.ini and save it in the same location as your .htaccess file and enter the following code instead: <br> upload_max_filesize = "250M"<br> post_max_size = "250M"<br>

Windows Directory Tree Never Finishes Loading?

I am running Windows 7 64-bit and since yesterday whenever I open “My Computer”/”Windows Explorer” (-Windows+E) the initial “showing drives” screen is frozen, so I have to use the address bar to navigate to the path I need to go. As you can see in the picture to the left even after you have gotten to and are viewing the folder you want, the directory tree in the sidebar continues to “check” for “who knows what”!

CSS background image data: base64?

What the heck is all that Gobbledygook in the CSS? So you have noticed that bit of css that says something like this in the CSS source-code and you have no idea what it could be? url(“”) no-repeat scroll 50% 0 transparent It is a technique called Data URLs and using PHP – or your favourite server-side script – you can generate these nifty little things. An example of how to generate it in PHP:

WordPress remove Subscribe to my RSS feed after posts

If you are running WordPress and have noticed a line under all your posts that says: If you enjoyed this post, make sure you subscribe to my RSS feed! ..and if this irritates you as much as it did me, you can remove it by deactivating a plugin called Subscribe Remind. Done! P.S. Sorry Trevor, not trying to piss you off 😛

And then there was Google Instant!

If you have visited the homepage (Yes, that’s Google UK) recently – since about the 8th of September 2010 then you would have noticed a new search feature Google is pushing called Google Instant. Now what is so nice about Google Instant? It is an ajax type search application that now searches using keyword ghosting and searches and returns results as you type to populate the normal search results page that has been used up until now.

[Solved] PHP’s typeof – gettype()

Quite often you may need the ability to check what type of data type a variable is. In most programming languages this is possible to do and is usually called something like typeof(). So what is typeof in php, or typeof php you ask? In PHP there is a simple function called gettype() and it’s so easy to use. All you have to do is pass the variable in question to gettype() as the first argument and the type will be returned.

When to use SSL?

There has always been quite a lot of heated discussion around the question of when to use SSL and when to avoid it while building websites. I have been asked this question a few times myself and finally thought that it would be good for everybody if I just wrote an article on it explaining what the big huff was all about. Obviously if anyone has anything to add or if you disagree with me for whatever reason, then feel free to do so below at the end of this article.

IE6 PngFix in Javascript

As a web developer you will know just how much we all love hate Internet Explorer 6 – one of the most dreaded browsers and browser versions that still exists in the deep dark corners of the interwebs – and you will probably have figured out that it doesn’t play well with PNG images. So here is how you can resolve this problem. It’s not as nice as an actual browser that can render PNG images natively, but it does work.

MSSQL Select Not Null

I mainly use MySQL these days, so get screwed over for a few minutes when I have to do something in MSSQL that is slightly different when it comes to it’s custom syntax. If you want to show all entries in a specific column and where it is not Null then you can do the following: 1 2 3 SELECT [columnNameHere] FROM [databaseNameHere].[dbo].[databaseTableNameHere] WHERE [columnNameHere] IS NOT NULL

How to Close Bandmix Account

If you want to close a Bandmix account, then: Login to Go to Options – Click Decline Service Then click the button called Decline Service at the bottom. Click “OK” to the verification popup. Account closed!

Google Redirect Virus Fix!

Now this is an annoying one. You go to any of google’s sites including any site that has javascript included in it’s body and BOOM! ..either you get redirected to a bullshit search page you didn’t ask to go to or the browser shows a blank white screen while apparently analytics loads.. It turns out this is actually a virus that infects routers! There are “short-lived-ways” to solve this problem and the one I adopted was to add the following into a windows batch file and run it every bloody time just before doing a google search.

Chromium Operating System

As many of you may know, Chromium is an opensource project that is basically an Operating System built on Linux and is just like working in Google’s Chrome web browser. I decided to take a look at it today and went and downloaded the developer sneak release. It came all boxed up in a 764,994KB (764MB) VMDK Virtual Machine Harddisk file. When it finished downloading I was sadly quite excited as I love trying out new Operating Systems and goodies – being a geeky kind of guy like most guys out there – and after hardly any setup at all it started up.

Super Easy Email Validation AS2

I needed a quick and easy way to check for the basics of an email address. Does it contain “@” and “.” symbols. This is by no meals a foolproof method, so don’t use it for anything big, but if you want to just do a quick test then here you go: 1 2 3 4 var email:String = "[email protected]"; if (email.indexOf("@")!=-1 &amp;&amp; email.indexOf(".")!=-1) trace("false"); else trace ("true");