How to Update/Upgrade All Homebrew Packages

If you use Homebrew – and you probably should if you’re on a Mac – then you have probably installed various different applications and packages as time went on. It’s probably likely that by now, you have many different packages that are out of date and need to be upgraded to their newer versions.

Luckily, Homebrew makes it very easy to upgrade everything; run the following command to upgrade everything.

With this solution, you can brew update all packages and brew upgrade all packages.

How to Update Homebrew to the latest version

brew update

How to Upgrade all packages with Homebrew

brew upgrade

How to Upgrade specific packages with Homebrew

brew upgrade <app_name>

For example:

brew upgrade node

How to Upgrade Casks with Homebrew

In older versions or Homebrew, you may have used casks. To upgrade these, simply run:

brew cask upgrade