How to Solve AWS MediaPackage PackagingGroup Quota Limit

If you are using AWS Elemental MediaPackage and hit the following error, then you need to either do one of the following:

Error: error waiting for CloudFormation Stack (arn:aws:cloudformation:eu-west-1:800417762774:stack/dev-MediaPackage-Vod-1/511fc7a0-a092-11ed-b853-068baf6ac251) create: failed to create CloudFormation stack, delete requested (DELETE_COMPLETE): ["The following resource(s) failed to create: [PackagingGroup]. Delete requested by user." "Resource handler returned message: \"Limit exceeded for resource of type 'AWS::MediaPackage::PackagingGroup'. Reason: You reached the quota for resource=PackagingGroup. Delete the resources that you don?t need, or request a quota increase. (Service: MediaPackageVod, Status Code: 429, Request ID: bc7a5f31-463e-4ac6-a9a2-438111dd201c)\" (RequestToken: 135f9266-ddcd-1b8d-fdff-00e3837d5dc3, HandlerErrorCode: ServiceLimitExceeded)"]

Option 1 Fix

Delete some of the existing Packaging Groups to clear up space to create new ones

Option 2 Fix

Request a quota limit increase to a higher number than the default of 10