How to Reset Udemy Progress

If you need to redo a Udemy course and you would like to reset the course’s progress, then you can use the following Javascript snippet below.

You have to do this manually because Udemy does not provide native functionality to do this.

Step 1 – Navigate to Udemy in a web browser

Make sure you are on the course content page you would like to reset.

Step 2 – Open up the developer tools

You will need to run a Javascript snippet, so press the following keyboard shortcuts, or right-click and select Inspect:

  • Chrome/Edge: ctrl+shift+j or cmd+alt+j and select the Console panel.
  • Firefox: ctrl+shift+i or cmd+alt+i and select the Console panel.

Step 3 – Run the custom Javascript snippet

Copy the below snippet into the console code area and press Enter to run it:

const sectionEl = document.querySelectorAll("section[data-purpose='sidebar'] div.udlite-btn");
sectionEl.forEach((section) => {
  const isClosed = section.parentElement.querySelector("span").getAttribute("data-checked") !== "checked"
  if (isClosed)

const checkboxes = document.querySelectorAll("input[type='checkbox']");
checkboxes.forEach((checkbox) => {
  if(checkbox.checked) {;