How to Find an Item’s Alphabet Position in Python

The challenge

When provided with a letter, return its position in the alphabet.

Input :: “a”

Ouput :: “Position of alphabet: 1”

The solution in Python code

Option 1:

def position(alphabet):
    return "Position of alphabet: {}".format(ord(alphabet) - 96)

Option 2:

from string import ascii_lowercase
def position(char):
    return "Position of alphabet: {0}".format(
        ascii_lowercase.index(char) + 1)

Option 3:

def position(alphabet):
    return "Position of alphabet: %s" % ("abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz".find(alphabet) + 1)

Test cases to validate our solution

import test
from solution import position

@test.describe("Fixed Tests")
def fixed_tests():'Basic Test Cases')
    def basic_test_cases():

        tests = [
            # [input, expected]
            ["a", "Position of alphabet: 1"],
            ["z", "Position of alphabet: 26"],
            ["e", "Position of alphabet: 5"],
        for inp, exp in tests:
            test.assert_equals(position(inp), exp)