Everybody’s a Web Host

To cut straight to the point, “we’re living in the age where everybody’s a web host”. Whether it be small and quite pathetic or just another reseller of a larger service trying to get their cut of things, everybody truly is spamming the world with more and more web hosting packages.

Just a few short years ago this problem didn’t exist and getting web hosting was quite expensive, unless you went with free services such as the good ol’ “geocities” and co, but then larger companies started up their shared hosting and reseller hosting packages which immediately led to everybody thinking all it took to become a web host was to get themselves a reseller account and start trading. For the most part that isn’t so far off, as 95% of the websites out there sit mostly idle while almost nobody visits them and therefore it’s perfectly fine to share a single machine between multiple clients and call it “excellent web hosting”, but these small guys also try and compete with the larger players in the industry and end up creating quite a mess of things, all while flooding search engines and web development and hosting forums with “hosting deals and specials”.

For all the companies that got in right in the beginning, this was a very viable business model and something they can do really well at, for the rest of you, rather just close shop and make the web that much less hosting spammy!