I discovered a very annoying bug in the Flash IDE a little while ago, and it has happened to me quite a few times.

Today it happened again and so I write this post..

While in the Flash IDE you select a component on the stage, then you click “Component Inspector”.
This opens up into a modal window which is nice and everything BUT….

…..if you then give focus to another program and then try click back into flash, it hides the “Component Inspector” modal window but still keeps focus on it, so basically, you can’t use the program(Flash IDE) / save your file / or even close the program!

You will then have to use the Task Manager to End Process on that instance of Flash!

This can be very annoying and can lose you productivity by not allowing you to save, so these are your options:

1.) Save before using this feature
2.) Don’t EVER give focus to another application while in the “Component Inspector” modal window.