Chromium Operating System

As many of you may know, Chromium is an opensource project that is basically an Operating System built on Linux and is just like working in Google’s Chrome web browser.

I decided to take a look at it today and went and downloaded the developer sneak release.

It came all boxed up in a 764,994KB (764MB) VMDK Virtual Machine Harddisk file.
When it finished downloading I was sadly quite excited as I love trying out new Operating Systems and goodies – being a geeky kind of guy like most guys out there – and after hardly any setup at all it started up.

You login directly using your Google Account username and password.

Imagine only being able to run Google’s Chrome web browser and not have anything else happening on your computer.

I suppose this sounds really fantastic to people who don’t use a computer for anything other than browsing the web, or those who are on netbooks. I suppose it is a great way to utilize all the power of those poor little hardware slugs.