Whois is an online service that let’s you know registration information about a website or IP address.

For the most part, Whois aggregations are not that standard, however, per gTLD (.com, .net, .yourkitchsink) they try their best to apply the same overall guidance and regulatory patterns.

Most individuals, as well as businesses will go about registering their domain name through a service such as GoDaddy, Namecheap, or some other common domain registrar.

However, Amazon for one (as with most tech giants) have gone and registered their own domain registrar.

This also means they control their own Whois service.

Now what’s interesting about this, is if you take a look at their whois record you will see that they have adjusted the Registered on date to be something slightly different from the norm!

Interestingly, their .com domain does not have this strange pattern:

Taking a look at another common domain, you can see how it usually reads:

This is a small interesting fact, for a person interested in domains.

Even Google (who do odd things like this..) haven’t decided to do something similar: