So most webmasters know about Google Analytics and have probably used it to some degree, but did you know that there are some pretty good alternatives out there, some even better than the all-famous Google Analytics.

We have decided to do a roundup and show off some of our favourites – obviously, we favour Statvoo as we created it, so it’s clearly better ;).


Clicky focuses on keeping things simple and lets you see the stats that matter as they come in.
Setup is simple and involves a snippet of custom code that you add to your website.


Piwik is another player that focuses on simplicity and ease of use and is a self-hosted (has a cloud version as well) analytics platform for general website analysis.
It’s possible to contribute to this as it’s an opensource project


Mixpanel does things a bit differently and focuses around custom tracking events that you setup in your application (they seem to be edging more towards phone apps (ios&android)) where the other items in this list are more centric to the web.
Quite a bit of manual setup is required to get this going and reporting is gathered around Funnels and the like.
It’s advisable to use this in addition to your general analytics platform.


Woopra builds behavioural reports on each visitor and identifies what has been done, with advanced features such as segmentation, chat and funnels. Often used to connect directly to your CRM.


Quite an affordable option, simple to use, but potentially due to it?s lacking featureset.


A fairly solid player focusing more around the individual actions of visitors rather than individual page views themselves.
It?s advisable to use this in addition to your general analytics platform.


Another event-based player in this space, often to be used alongside your general analytics platform.

Adobe Analytics

An enterprise level service with social, video and mobile analytics.
Allows for third party integration, such as Experian, Facebook and Exact Target. Probably the most costly single item on this list starting at around $5000 per month.


Focusing around providing a video playback for individual visitor sessions, heatmaps and behaviour reports are generated alongside traditional web statistics.


CrazyEgg is all about heatmaps, scrolling charts and visual aids to see where your visitors dropoff.

Statvoo Analytics

Ao Analytics comes to the party to provide all of the web analytics features that are available in all of the competitors toolkits along with a high level of individual visitor drill-down, live chat, video playback and many more things.
With goals, funnels, people analytics, front-end error tracking, everything is SSL and integration into any website or web application it’s a fantastic option to use in your business? arsenal.